Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boobs Index Of/ Did My Boyfriend's Mom Try Touching My Boobs...she Joked Around And Poked Me Where My Cleavage Should Be?

Did my boyfriend's mom try touching my boobs...she joked around and poked me where my cleavage should be? - boobs index of/

I am white and his family is originally from China and do not speak English ... I stayed home this summer ... (My friend is out of town) and I thought about this for a while ... I am a size 30C cup, but with a push-up bra for a break. While I was going without a bra (shirt), because I was folding clothes before going to bed and then his mother surprised me. He laughed and speak Chinese and quickly put your finger in between my breasts! I was like, "laughed o__0" and then said things about China and left. It's really beautiful, so I'm not sure if this is a cultural difference, because there is another, after I gave my sister's friend five high, with both hands and closed his hands with me. o__0
I am not sure, cultural things, if that's not normal, or tries to touch my breasts to see if they are real (they are) because I no separation without a bra throat. So, yes, opinions ... ...? I have not told my friend about this yet, because in their culture, the gosSIP for everything. Thank you ^ ^


  1. He did not recognize before break, and I thought it was funny. No big deal.

  2. Other countries are much more realistic, honest and 2 countries, that Americans, like sex at all stages of life.

  3. OOO that's stupid, I do not think that's what I wanted to do good, I could not drive?

    Would you answer me? ...

  4. soeey ahah i kno is not funny, but u should Sumthin Bout It probs ND forget when it happened, how he said ur BF