Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pokemon Ruby Gameshark Code Rare Candy Infinite Rare Candy In Pokemon Ruby Cheats?

Infinite Rare Candy In Pokemon Ruby Cheats? - pokemon ruby gameshark code rare candy

Can someone code my pokemon / Codebreaker GameShark 99 rare candies in? If it works, 10 points for the best answer


  1. Not if you have emerald you can clone rare candy.

  2. Master Code
    (has to)
    de00fad 2ebd05d0 530823d9 16,558,191
    Quick Level Up a5e4b9cd f84e3b47
    Infinite Money e51e97c3 7858e4eb
    One Hit Kill 9895dd46 94ab8b3d
    Max Stats Pokemon 1 1d402457 62ef847e 45e7aab2 52553e86 8D ...
    Rare Candy in PC 280ea266 88a62e5c
    Potion in PC a3cd9f55 4a0d960d
    Antidote in PC 63885016 0d38247c
    Burn Heal in PC dde0011d 3f072333
    Ice Heal in PC 97a9b783 cfc52e4b
    Awakening in PC aa0b6232 2151f53a
    Paralyze Heal in PC 0bdc6e0f da535cbe
    At the Restoration Complete PC f6d63594 20b33e32
    B08eda7e Max Potion in PC a87d63d3
    Hyper Potion in PC 08bdbbf4 4ff4c719
    Super Potion in PC 87a80e42 33708a3a
    Full Heal in PC 5d73ef60 d4ee441c
    Revive in PC f2d41f01 62f78cc9
    Max Revive in PC 9c51c651 033feef8
    Freshwater fish in the PC c7d5af06 b49f1eca
    Soda Pop in PC 6dbd701f 302e78ac
    Lemonade in PC 00261af5 7b62eda3
    Moo Moo Milk in PC b0f1f5d8 62e04ca2
    Dc4fc024 Energy Powder in PC 199873d5
    Energy Root in PC 5279ff87 ef04f361
    Healing PowderPC f6116f9d c607dd51
    Revival Herb in PC a6a12e82 62adfb80
    Ether in PC 6f68837c 5d4dca24
    4c0c5aba Max Ether in PC b3ac040a
    Elixir PC 9b3a4a03 fe706d9f
    612a0d7a Max Elixir in PC 864b1d29
    Lava Cookie in PC 14bffd56 6e8cb395
    9a859daf Blue Flute in PC 46fee43a
    Yellow Flute in PC 94775111 7a490ed1
    Red Flute in PC 0deecfe4 f9007419
    Black Flute in PC 4eba1e65 2d1b2d8d
    White Flute in PC 762917d1 2baadcb9
    Berry Juice in PC 4345c521 6d375411
    Sacred Ash in PC 344bc7c4 e55afaf4
    Shoal Salt in PC 2012431b 94bdb28f
    The deposits with the bank computer 1c80d1ac 89,248,469
    Red Shard in PC c279f319 53a95176
    Blue Shard in PC 6cb8c417 68869b11
    Yellow Shard in PC f2eeb53a 4799de9c
    Green Shard in PC c6d679f9 59217e7f
    HP Up in PC ef059a66 1b91fa78
    Protein PC 3aed720e ff66565d
    Iron in PC 53d76827 dc9a4fd5
    PC Carbo a5d07084 3f37875f
    Calcium in PC 674ea957 454a04ef
    79e495d9 PP Up in PC 5221d703
    Zinc in PC d0686c71 1f6e14f7
    PP Max PC 7a74d52c 460da729
    GUarda Spec. in PC 62599853 eec406a8
    Dire Hit in PC cd05e311 f4dcae67
    1670c28a X Attack in PC ec8d1032
    PC X 5ec420d3 defend e7257858
    Speed X PC 06ca7bea 5ef433ed
    X Accuracy in PC 71fc053e 467adec4
    Special PC 726d2643 9ecaf258 X
    Poke Doll in PC 8cefcf6d d6126ef2
    804e38df Fluffy Tail in PC 6fbd4b90
    Super Repel in PC 98955089 3930b7fd
    Max Repel in PC 08da1807 097673f4
    Escape Rope in PC 088d15f0 d5affc6d
    Repel in PC 8413d556 05b0a8e7
    Sun Stone in PC 50c1cd99 d96b58b4
    D708816f Moon Stone in PC c1207eb6
    Firestone PC f6aafa8b 4d2c5f22
    Thunder Stone in PC 23abbf10 041ccbbe
    Water Stone in PC 45734f06 591ecd99
    Leaf Stone in PC f668b3c9 14db1264
    Tiny Mushroom in PC e8183698 3824e31a
    Big Mushroom in PC 9dd7eb17 2fb12733
    Pearl in PC 436bc4df 89bed2fc
    C0c6ae9b Big Pearl in PC 2c895f4b
    Stardust on the PC c5a21f18 7f5c2018
    Star Piece in PC 37e60b65 2c503315
    Nugget in PC 2663fe10 673311eb
    Heart Scale in PC 000d4dd5 ebc33f52
    My OrangeIT PC b3c7b72b 4bf1b54e
    Mail port on your PC 390f6e05 850b8de5
    Glitter Mail in PC faa3ccb7 8949309f
    Mech Mail in PC bfafa35d 2,094,294 th
    Wood Mail in PC bfebfb65 d8f96d15
    Ola-mail on your PC a4f13c30 7a4ea077
    Bead Mail in PC 3b8a7bbc 2bafca20
    4b5a5d4a Shadow Mail in PC 1d3d9a45
    56d2964d Tropic Mail in PC 677b4c09
    Dream Mail in PC 9f024f1d 2194b20c
    Fab Mail in PC f7913598 8f9308d2
    Retro Mail in PC b8c93252 ce9096a7
    Bright Powder in PC ea956364 3d7176fc
    White Herb in PC f2fec283 99ed9040
    Macho Brace in PC 4ec9887d 122f0757
    Exp Share b964a353 PC b1c57054
    Quick Claw in PC 20b7d908 3c8c9fe7
    Soothe Bell in PC a5c80201 3e9d4506
    D2a3b95c Mental c6ea991b Herb in PC
    Choice Band in PC 75c5c708 8dca058e
    I have these codes in VBA, and everyone is working !!!!!!!!