Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cervix High And Soft 2 Days Before Period Due What Should My Cervix Feel Like?

What should my cervix feel like? - cervix high and soft 2 days before period due

In the beginning of my term of 6 December should be around 22 November, ovulation, and I had been cramping and back pain all day 29, the cramps and back pain and has since disappeared. Last night was a first response pregnancy test was negative. Today I checked my neck and high, soft and closed. I know it could mean a pregnancy, but how you feel 2 days before my period? Who did it and you start your period? Im a little confused. Thank you.


  1. Yes, I have cycles where I start to cramp and back pain have had 2 days ago.

    Problem with the AF and symptoms of pregnancy is that they are absolutely identical. The only way to know for sure which is delayed by a positive HPT or AF.

    Good luck!

  2. The same thing happened to me this cycle. My cervix is still high and soft after ovulation and closed a week later. He had back pain and cramps deaf for a few days and pain in right after ovulation. Then I started my period 3 days late.
    I've heard recommended that the position of the cervix can be used to recognize a pregnancy, but not.
    Wait until your waiting period and test whether you are late then wait a couple of days and retest.
    Good luck!